Contribution to the elaboration of the Systematic Catalogue of the Lepidoptera present in Monte Quintos de Mora in the Yebenes (Toledo, Spain)

A. Notario, L. Castresana, J. Cifuentes, A. Expósito, A. Vives Moreno


By means of diverse methods of capture a harvesting of Lepidoptera in 6 parcels located in «Monte Quintos de Mora» in The Yebenes is carried out (Toledo, Spain), administered by the «Organismo Autónomo de Parques Nacionales». The taxonomic analysis of the capture units offers like result the identification of 312 species, fitted in 31 families and 212 genus.


Lepidoptera; catalogue; Toledo; Spain

DOI: 10.5424/srf/2007162-01009