Age-DBH-Total Height equations for Pinus oocarpa in Honduras

O. Ferreira


Pinus oocarpa is the most frequent conifer species in Honduras and the one with the highest economical value. Age is an essential parameter for forest inventory and management purposes provided that any stand must be stratified directly by counting tree rings in the core after boring. However, this method has some disadvantages. A practical alternative to boring is the use of mathematical equations relating age and other parameters that are easier to determine, such as diameter and height. Several mathematical linear models were tested in this study. The equations were obtained with data from 341 permanent sample plots established in the region of Comayagua. Six mathematical models were tested and then the best ones were selected using their residual error as an index. Age/DBH tables of the selected model were built for each site index class. The results are only applicable to Pinus oocarpa native stands under selfthinning treatments. Artificial thinning practices would result in changes in the mean stand diameter and consequently in changes in the other relationships.


Age-DBM-Total Height equations; Pinus oocarpa; Honduras

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