Short communication: Farmers’ opinions on chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) supply chain development strategies: A case study in Central Italy

Alessandro Paletto, Marco Focacci, Isabella De Meo


Aim of the study: To identify the priority strategy for the strengthening of the chestnut supply chain through a participatory approach.

Area of study: Mugello-Val di Sieve inTuscany region (Italy).

Material and methods: The data were collected by administering a questionnaire to a sample of 126 chestnut growers (83 chestnut growers enrolled and 43 not enrolled in the Consortium of “Marronedel Mugello Protected Geographical Indication”) to identify the priority objectives and activities to develop the chestnut supply chain.

Main results: It is necessary to develop a diversified strategy to stimulate the chestnut production and simultaneously enhance the marketing of the product in order to revive the chestnut cultivation inTuscany region. The main activities to be pursued are the implementation of silvicultural treatments of chestnut orchards and the integrated fight against chestnut gall wasp to increase the productivity and strengthen the “Marronedel Mugello Protected Geographical Indication” brand.

Research highlights: Participatory approach is a fundamental instrument to define a common strategy to strengthen chestnut supply chain at local level.


rural development; chestnut growers; questionnaire survey; forest governance

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