Review. A brief overview of forest management decision support systems (FMDSS) listed in the FORSYS wiki

T. Packalen, A. Marques, J. Rasinmäki, C. Rosset, F. Mounir, L.C.E. Rodriguez, S.R. Nobre


Aim of study. The aim of the study was to overview forest management decision support systems (FMDSS) listed in the FORSYS wiki in terms of software design and architecture.

Area of study. A total of 62 FMDSS from 23 countries were included into the study.

Material and methods. First, all FMDSS listed in the FORSYS wiki were described in terms of functionalities, typologies and elements of architecture.  Thereafter, the findings were compared with the desired architectural features of FMDSS to identify success or potential gaps. Finally, some measures were suggested to improve knowledge transfer and smooth integration of system components.

Main results. Most of the systems listed in the FORSYS wiki originate from research projects and are either knowledge- or model-driven. There are only few compound systems or tools that can be used as sub-components in integrated systems.

Research highlights. There is a lack of generic platforms or DSS generators that would facilitate construction of integrated systems. Further efforts are needed to study the potential of cloud services.

Keywords: forest management; decision support systems; software architecture; typologies.

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