Wood specific gravity and variability estimation in Pinus pinaster Ait, trees

E. Notivol, L. A. Gil, J. A. Pardos


Wood specific gravity is a very important parameter in tree improvement programs. In this paper, the use of Pylodyn wood tester is analyzed as a method for rapid assessment of S.G. by means of regression curves between depth penetration and S.G., conventionally assessed. The regression coefficient reached up to a -0,81 value. When the method was applied to 13 provenances of P. pinaster Ait. growing at the same place, only some provenances showed significative differences. The method could be useful for mass selection. The values of the estimated S.G. could be also useful, as an additional trait for provenance characterization.


Pilodyn; specific gravity; provenances; variability; Pinus pinaster Ait.

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