Phenotypic variation Pinus sylvestris in Spain: Cone and seed traits

D. Agundez, R. Alia, R. Diez, L. Gil, J. A. Pardos


Phenotypic variation of 15 provenances for some tratis of cone and seeds collected in natural stands are analysed. The traits used in the analysis are lenght, width and ratio lenght/width in cones, weight of seeds, number of full, empty and no-developped seeds per cone. Provenances have significant differences for all the traits: that ones characterising cone size and shape, and the other ones relating the size and number of seeds per cone. All these characters have a moderate to high repetibility within tree (r2=0.3-0.8). There is a continous variation between provenances, but there are not geographic or climatic groups of provenances. Random variation due to local factors could explain the performance or the spanish provenances in these traits.


Pinus sylvestris; provenance; phenotypic variation; cone; seed