Analysis of ten tree-ring chronology ni the Iberian Mediterranean Area

M. M. Genova Fuster, A. Fernandez Cancio, J. Creus Novau


A detailed study of ten chronologies elaborated from tree-rings of Pinus nigra subsp. salzmanii (Dunal) Franco and Pinus sylvestris L. from the Spanish Sistema Central and Serranía de Cuenca is presented. The results have permitted the analysis of the oldest tree-rings in these areas, with longevity over 450 years. From the statistical values used we can conclude that five chronologies are adecuated samples of forest population; whereas four of them have a high common signal


dendrochronology; tree rings; Pinus nigra subsp. salzmanii (Dunal) Franco; Pinus sylvestris L.; Spanish Sistema Central; Serranía de Cuenca