Prescribed burning effects on infiltration rates in forest soils: a study site in coastal Northern California

D. M. Molina Terren


Infiltration rates were measured with large diameter ring infiltrometers in both burned and unburned conditions in Pinus muricata D. Don stands north-west of Santa Rosa, California. Prescribed burning conditions of low fireline intensity (less than 60 kw/m) removed 51 to 121 mm of litter and duff. In the first site, the infiltration rates ranged from 1.17 to 1.34 * 10-4 m/s, and it seemed that no changes followed by the controlled burns of low fireline intensity and low fuel consumption. In the second site, infiltration rates were higher than 1.75 * 10-4 m/s for both control and burned conditions without being able to detect possible differences.


Prescribed burns; infiltration; hydrophobicity; pyrodiversity