Replacement of steel cable with synthetic rope in mountain logging operations in Castanea sativa Mill. coppice stands

Elena Canga, Alba Fanjul, Sandra Sanchez-Garcia, Manuel Alonso-Graña, Juan Majada


Aim of the study: The objective of this study was to evaluate skidding from stump area to roadside with a tracked skidder (Caterpillar 3DG XL) using two different types of cable (steel or synthetic).

Area of study: NW of Spain.

Material and methods: A time study was performed to calculate productivity for the two types of cable and two regression models were fitted to predict the productive and cycle time of the tracked skidder.

Research highlights: An increase of 12.53% in productivity (m3/SMH) and improvements in working conditions using synthetic rope were found.

Keywords: Chestnut; synthetic rope; time study; tracked skidder.

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