Characterization of the Pinus radiata population in the Basque Country (Spain) by RAPDs

A. Aragones, S. Espinel, E. Ritter


A total of 27 genotypes belonging to the three natural populations of Pinus radiata in California ("Año Nuevo, "Monterey", "Cambria") and to the Basque population were analyzed. The PCR reaction was used with 22 decamer oligonucleotides of different random sequences. Nineteen out of 22 decamers generated a total of 188 amplified fragments (RAPD). This information was used to estimate genetic distances and to construct phylogenetic trees of the population used. The obtained results indicate that this type of molecular markers is efficient and reliable to distinguish populations of this species, and that it is possible to assign the Basque population to the provenance of "Año Nuevo" from California.


Pinus radiata; RAPDs; provenances; PCR