Effects of slope and fuel load of Pinus halepensis needles beds on fire behaviour: models determined in the laboratory

M. Guijarro, J. C. Valette


Fire behaviour has been studied on an laboratory device in fuel beds of Pinus halepensis needles. The effect of slope (seven levels:-30º, -20º, -10º, 0º, +10º, +20º, +30º) and fuel load (three levels: 0.4, 0.8, 1.2 kg · m-2). The experiments have been conducted on homogeneous ovendried neddles. Fire spreads steadily with all fuel loads and slopes between -30º and +10º and also at +20º with 0,4 kg · m-2. For fuel loads of 0,4 y 0,8 kg · m-2, rate of weight loss is lenarly related to rate of spread (the relation is significant); with 1,2 kg · m-2. the relation is weaker. Remaining fuel ratio increases when slope increases from -30º to 0º and decreases when fuel load increases. Two other parameters (maximum temperatures and areas bewteen temperature-time curve and istherm 60º C) depend on slope and increase with fuel load. This work takes place in a more global study of INIA and INRA to elaborate models to predict fire behaviour.


fire behaviour; mediterranean area; models; Pinus halepensis

Webpage: www.inia.es/Forestsystems