Analyse of yield models for Populus x euramericana in the Duero basin

F. Bravo, J. M. Grau, F. Gonzalez Antoñanzas


With data from a experience on cultural treatments in stands of Populus x euramericana (Dode) Guinier "Campeador" (8 x 5 m planted), a yield and growth model for the Duero basin (Northern Spain) has been developed. In order to select the best model, the determination coefficient, variance coefficient and biological consistence of predictions have been employed. The model selected has been the Clutter-Schumacher model, modified because of the high correlation between density and age in this stand type. This model has been validated from data of Populus x euramericana (Dode) Guinier "I-214" (6 x 6 m planted).


Model; yield; growth; poplar stands; Duero basin; Spain; Populus x euramericana