Altica quercetorum Foudras, 1860 (Col.:Chrysomelidae), oak's defoliator in Galicia (NW Iberian Peninsula)

F. J. Fernandez de Ana, M. J. Lombardero, A. Martinez


This work synthesizes the information obtained over five years of the study of the attack of the insect Altica quercetorum Foudr. in Galicia (NW Spain). During this period, 1990-1995, this insect became an important pest in oak forests, extending over the whole of Galicia when the climate conditions and the availabilty of food permitted. The biological cycle of this insect is described and some interesting dates about its habits, trophic preferences, damages occasionated and geographical distribution are given. It analyses the causes that may have lead to the origin the pest phenomena and the dynamics of distribution. It provides information about the tried and tested techniques of control and their efficiency.


Altica quercetorum; Chrysomelidae; defoliator; oak; biology; distribution; control