Dendroclimatological reconstructions in Galicia (Spain) since the last years of the XVIII century

A. Perez Antelo, A. Fernandez Cancio


This paper analizes three monthly total rainfalls and six monthly mean temperatures of the Santiago de Compostela (University), Lugo and La Coruña meteorological stations. The data were reconstructed using gour Quercus and Castanea sativa chornologies carried out in Lugo, Pontevedra and La Coruña provinces. Variable reconstructions and information about mean deviations are presented. Similar results are obtained when the reconstructions were compared each other and with climatic information. During the past two centuries, temperature and rainall variables are characterized by a gradual heating, with some cold periods, and progressive irregular rainfall. Both, temperature and rainfall, appear to be rising at the reconstructed stations for the two last decades.


Dendrochronology; dendroclimatology; Quercus; Castanea sativa