Influence of different factors in the quality of structural timber of P. sylvestris L.

M. R. Diez, J. I. Fernandez-Golfin


On a sample of 60 longs of P. sylvestris L. sourced from the Valsain (Segovia, Spain) forest and logged from eleven different stands with different site qualities, is studied the influence of the selvicultural characteristics, the morphological characteristics of the trees, the sawing systems and the gradind systems on the yield and structural quality of timber. The influence of the genetical characteristics of every tree, the proccesing factors of the logs and the properties of every board on the yield and quality of timber is clear. The site quality and the dasometric characteristics of the individual trees seems to have little influence on the studied variables.


P. sylvestris; Forest quality; Dasometrics values; Sawn wood; Yield; Physico-mechanical properties