Landfill: Comparison of pedogenesis between sites of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh plantation and naturalized herbaceus vegetation

J. W. Lanfranco, R. M. Marlats, E. Baridon


The purpose of this work was compared different levels of pedogenetics process between sites with Eucalyptus camaldulensis plantation and naturalized grass. The trial was installed on landfill soil cover in Villa Domínico, Buenos Aires Province, Argentine, CEAMSE, 34°40’S,50’’; 58°18’45’’W; 4m osl. At five age of trees and forteen of the Landfill was realized the following determination: 1- Physical and Chemicals caracterization of own microsite tree and analogical microsite without trees influence. 2- Biomass root system of trees and naturalized herbaceus vegetation; 3- Microrganims qualitative evaluation in trees rhizosphere and 4- Survival trees and its developpmen as too patologycal and physiological damage. The results showing the antropyc evolution soil with ability to support life on differents espression. It was registred the culturals horizon in the cover landfill generated through the time. Exits the advantage about this process in the microsites tree more than the microsites grass.


Edaphogenesys; Landfill cover; Trees; Naturalized herbaceous