Disturbances of phytoclimatic suitability within the Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) natural distribution area in Spain

A. Cámara Obregón


This paper shows just a small piece from the whole phytoclimatic study done for Pinus halepensis Mill in Spain, using the models of Allué Andrade (1990-1997). It’s been the Site- Phytoclimatic Aptitude model (Allué Andrade, 1997) our main tool. The fluctuations of Site- Phytoclimatic Aptitude Index, between and after 1970 in the natural area of the Aleppo pine in our country, develop again the idea of the phytoclimatic habitat changing with time and space.


Pinus halepensis Mill.; Phytoclimatology; Site-Phytoclimatic Aptitude; Change

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