Abies bornmuelleriana Mattfeld phytoclimatic position in Ulugag massif in Turkey

J. M. García López


The phytoclimatic position of Abies bornmuelleriana M. on the Uludag Mountains (Norwest Turkey) is studied. Four meteorological stations situated at different altitudes have been used to obtain the Walter-Gaussen climodiagrams simulation. The existence of mediterranean ilicic phytoclimatic types up to 200 m., marcescent broad-leaved cold deciduous trees types up to 900 m., deciduous broadleaved trees types up to 1000 m., nemoro-borealoid types up to 1600 m., borealoid types up to 2300 m. and finally articoid types is corroborated.


Phytoclimatology; Abies; Turkey

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