Anatomical features determing wood variability in Schinopsis quebracho-colorado (Schlecht) Barkl. et Meyer, Anacardiaceae

A. Mª. Giménez, C. R. López


The objective of this paper is to characterize wood features and radial variation in Schinopsis quebracho-colorado and to determine the influence of age in wood structure. Ten trees with DBH(diameter at breast height) greather than 30 cm, from the natural forest of Los Pirpintos, Copo Department, Santiago del Estero, Argentina, were studied. The methodology adopted for xylem study is that of Helinska; and the terminology of IAWA. Wood variability was explained by vessel diameter, vessel number and area, and percentage of isolated vessels. Results showed highly significant differences among age classes (treatments) for the variables thickness rings, vessel number, vessel diameter and vessel area. The rest of the variables did not evidence differences among treatments. There were no significant differences among individuals. The results showed that distance to the pith (age) was the most important source of variation for the traits studied, being the conductive elements the most relevant to wood variability.


Schinopsis quebracho-colorado; Wood anatomy; Radial variation