Economic analysis of Pinus pinea plantations in cultivation land in Valladolid, Central Spain

S. Mutke Regneri, L. Díaz Balteiro, J. Gordo Alonso


This paper reports an assessment of the economic profitability from the use of grafted stone-pines for afforestations in Valladolid, Central Spain. With this technical change, the plantations begin to yield cones at few years, saving the long unproductive youth stage of traditional stone-pine stands. Some assumptions are made, due to a lack of empirical data, about the expected yield of the grafted plantations in order to obtain their optimal rotation and profitability. As alternative land-use options, the profitability of traditional afforestations and barley crops are calculated. The cases analysed indicate that grafted plantations are competitive under a broad spectrum of essential financial parameter variations, even with the agricultural crop described in this paper. In the basic cases, expected annual return of grafted plantations is about 430-680 euros per hectare, whereas income from barley crop is about 100 euros per hectare.


Pinus pinea; Grafted plantations; Forest economics; Optimal rotation