Autoecology of chestnut (Castanea sativa Miller) in Galicia (Spain)

A. Blanco, A. Rubio, O. Sánchez, R. Elena, V. Gómez, D. Graña


A stratified sampling on 22 plots has been carried out on chestnut (Castanea sativa Miller) stands in Galicia (Spain). Central and marginal parameters ranges have been stablished for defining physiographic, climatic and soil habitat diagrams of chetnut stands. Most stands are located between 400 and 750 m elevation, with around 1,300 mm annual rainfall. According to FAO criteria, soil are classified as distric Cambisols and distric Luvisols. Several silvicultural parameters have also been calculated. After their correlation with the ecological ones, it is concluded that the best Galician chestnut forest sites are located on northern aspects, with low summer drought and around 13 C/N ratio in soils. Finally, a comparative analysis between chestnut habitat and habitat of three other tree species of the region shows that chesnut has less ecological aptitude than pedunculate oak, Maritime pine and Monterrey pine.


Castanea sativa; Central habitat; Marginal habitat; Biotopes; Autoecology; Silviculture; Galicia