Visual strength grading of structural timber of Laricio pine (Pinus nigra Arn.): comparison of results according to UNE 56.544 and DIN 4074 standards

R. Díez, M. Conde, J. I. Fernández-Golfín, S. Rosskopf


On a 776 boards sample of Pinus nigra 150 X 50 X 3.000 mm size, coming from felled trees in Jaen (Spain) a comparison of results is made using two different standards of visual strength grading, the German DIN 4074, usually employed within Europe, and the recent Spanish UNE 56544. Graded the same batch of timber by means of both standards, the yields and the physico-mechanical properties of every grade are calculated. The physico-mechanical properties of timber (density, bending strength and modulus of elasticity) are studied by testing according to the methodology included in the European standard EN 408, calculating the results according to the standard EN 384 and assigning the strength classes according to EN 338. The results lead to the conclusion that the use of the Spanish standard produces almost the same results than the use of the German standard, not only as far as the yields are concerned but also regarding the physico-mechanical properties of timber. In this way a second conclusion is reached, the Spanish standard follows criteria and produces results commonly accepted by the market.


; Grading; Pinus nigra Arn.; Laricio; DIN 4074; UNE 56544