Modelling the diameter-height relationship for Pinus pinaster Ait. in Galicia using SBB distribution

F. Castedo Dorado, A. D. Ruiz González, J. G. Álvarez González


The bivariate density function SBB has been fitted to height and diameter data of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) from 24 sample plots established in even-aged stands of this specie in Galicia (Northwestern Spain). The height-diameter model in maritime pine was estimated using a property of the SBB bivariate distribution. In order to get this, a median regression of SBB function was established between heights and diameters data of each one of the 24 sample plots. The estimated values obtained in the fit has also been used to obtain the curves corresponding to the percentiles of the 5 and 95 % of the height distribution. Finally, a generalized height-diameter function has been developed for Pinus pinaster in Galicia from the equations fitted to each plot, relating the SBB function with the principal stand variables.


Bivariate SBB distribution; Generalized diameter-height relationship; Pinus pinaster