Early testing of resin yield in Pinus pinaster Ait.

W. Tadesse, F. J. Auñón, J. A. Pardos, L. Gil, R. Alía


Micro-chipping was carried out in a clonal bank of Pinus pinaster with 17 clones and 69 ramets and 10 control (non grafted trees) trees. The micro-chipping consisted on the tapping of an area of 2.5 square cm above the graft union, every two weeks. Six tapping were made during the 3 months of the maximum resin yield (June, July and August). A high clonal heritability value (h2 = 0,501) for resin yield was computed. This demonstrates that more than 50 % of clonal resin yield variation is due to genetic factors. Moderately strong correlation was recorded between resin yield of the ortets and their micro-chipped clones (r = 0,63, with " = 0,05) showing the effectiveness of both evaluation methods. The resin yield of clones has been very superior to the production of the control trees. The resin yield has been positively correlated with the total height (r = 0,45, & = 0,01) and with the diameter (r = 0,43, & = 0,01) of the trees.


Micro-chipping; Pinus pinaster; Heritability; Early selection

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