Effect of provenance on the survival of Pinus canariensis Sm. seedlings in arid conditions

J. M. Climent, L. Gil, E. Pérez, J. A. Pardos


Survival and height growth of two-year seedlings of Canary Islands pine (Pinus canariensis Sm.) were evaluated in a field trial, eight months after plantation. The trial was located at Betancuria (Fuerteventura island, Canary archipelago), under extremely arid conditions. Plants were rised from seeds collected at nine natural stands of the species, selected by their climatic traits. Correlation between mean survival rate and mean annual rainfall at the population level was –0.93. Population was not significant on survival, but a significant effect was found after grouping populations into two climatic groups, xeric and mesic. The survival rate of the xeric group (annual rainfall ranging from 300 to 450 mm) was 60 %, higher than that of the mesic group (500-600 mm), which attained 45 %. No significant relationship was observed between plant height and survival.


Pinus canariensis; provenances; survival; geographic variation; climatic variation

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