Modelization of diameter distribution of Pinus pinea L. stands in Valladolid (Spain) using Weibull function

C. García Güemes, N. Cañadas, G. Montero


Models for predicting parameter behaviour in the 2-parameter Weibull function in even-aged Pinus pinea stands of Valladolid (Spain) have been adjusted. From data out of 131 plots (20 trees per plot), real distribution parameters have been adjusted, using the percentile method, as well as non-linear regression. Next, predictive models of calculated parameters were adjusted, using stand variables. Parameter «b» is deeply related to mean cuadratic diameter (dg), while parameter «c», which was more difficult to model, is related to dg and other variable (Age or Canopy cover).


diameter distribution; Weibull function; predictive models; Pinus pinea