Structural timber of Pinus sylvestris L.: mechanical characterization

E. Hermoso, J. I. Fernández-Golfín, M. R. Díez


The results of the mechanical characterization of structural timber of Pinus sylvestris L. considering the last standard modifications are given. The former dates are adapted and new samples of different provenances and plank sizes are included. Grading of wood planks are obtained according to UNE 56.544 visual Spanish grading standard and then they are tested to rupture according to the standardized methodology of EN 408, hence the characteristic values of mechanical properties are calculated according to EN 384 standard. Conclusions about assignment of visual grades, efficiency of the variables and parameters used currently to determine the strength quality and a comparison with results of similar Spanish pine studies and Pinus sylvestris European provenances are provided.


Pinus sylvestris L.; structural timber; timber grad