Characterization of forestal sites of Populus deltoides cv Catfish 2 in the Low Delta of Parana River in the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

E. Casaubon, L. Gurini, G. Cueto, L. Gómez, M. Zanelli, G. Berrondo, A. González


The objective of this work consists of the identification of the ambient and management components which determine different productivities in a 12 years old Populus deltoides cv Catfish 2 plantation. The plantation occupies a surface of 2 hectares in an area protected by a perimetrical dike of the low Delta of the Paraná River in the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina). The Salicaceae average yield increment for this region was estimated in 20-25 m3/ha/year. A plantation inventory was done and, later on, the whole set was subdivided into 199 plots of 96 m2 each. In each plot, the heights of the dominant and the average trees were measured, and also the land contour elevation readings, as well as, the number of broken plants by the wind because of the action of Platypus mutatus were registered. In each of three areas defined by the land elevation, 27 soil samples were analysed and studied. Those ambients defined as high lands or ridge of fertile land («albardón») and intermediate high lands or ridge of median fertile land (semi-albardón), protected by a perimetrical dike, moderate well drained and deep, pertaining to the franco-coarse textural family, presented wood yield average increments greater than 30 m3/ha/year, and also greater loss of commercial volume because of the Platypus mutatus attack , while those located in the low lands (bañado), protected by dike, with alkaline-sodium layers under surface and a slightly alkaline pH at a depth of 28 cm, showed an average increment of 28.5 m3/ha/year. In this commercial plantation, Carex riparia, Hydrocotyle bonariensis and Duchesnea indica are associated to good sites, but Rubus spp., Iris pseudacorus, Phalaris angusta and Bromus unioloides are associated to those sites of low quality.


site; Populus deltoides Bart; poplars; Low Delta of Paraná River; Argentina