New data on charcoal and fossil wood of Pinus pinaster Aiton in the Holocene from the Iberian Peninsula

C. Alcalde Olivares, I. García Amorena, F. Gómez Manzaneque, J. Maldonado Ruiz, C. Morla Juaristi, J. M. Postigo Mijarra, J. M. Rubiales Jiménez, L. J. Sánchez Hernando


The study of ligneous fossil remains (charcoal and wood) corresponding to three sites located in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula is presented. The chronologies established by means of radiocarbon or relative dating (archaeological) situate all the samples in the last phase of the Holocene. In the three deposits Pinus pinaster has been identified and there have being made other taxonomic contributions. A review of previous Pinus pinaster findings registered in the Peninsula is exposed and other considerations are made on the importance of this taxon in the Iberian vegetal landscape during the end of the Quaternary.


Pinus pinaster; Iberian Peninsula; Castillejos; Hontalbilla; Yecla; Holocene; palaeophytogeography; vegetation history

DOI: 10.5424/srf/200413S1-00863