A system of accounts for valuing commercial and environmental public spending effects on mitigation forest fires in Mediterranean areas

P. Campos Palacín, J. L. Oviedo Pro, A. Caparrós Gass


This paper proposes an economic accounting system for measuring the commercial and environmental effects of public spending in mitigation of forest fires in Mediterranean areas. It describes the application of this system (Agroforestry Accounts System) in the Alcornocales Natural Park. The habitat of this natural area is very important for the breeding and recovery of Mediterranean wildlife in danger of extinction or with conservation problems, and is considered by the public visitors and the private owners with a high environmental value. The level of public spending in the fight against forest fires of the Andalucía region (INFOCA) is quite significant in the Alcornocales Natural Park. The reduction of hectares of cork oaks trees destroyed by fire since the introduction of the INFOCA programme and the simultaneous increase in public funding provided for that purpose make it appropriate the design of an accounting tool to conduct an economic analysis of the contribution made by the INFOCA to the total social income generated in the Natural Park. The results make it possible to reach conclusions concerning the benefits of such public spending on society as a whole, which must be gained to offset the cost involved.


forest fire; commercial values; environmental values; natural and environmental resources accounting

DOI: 10.5424/srf/2005141-00877

Webpage: www.inia.es/Forestsystems