Characterisation of overstocked uneven-aged stands of Abies alba Mill. in the Val d’Aran (Spanish Pyrenees). Analysis of the selection cutting treatments applied.

Alvaro Aunós, Ricardo Blanco


Analysis of the selection cutting treatments applied We describe the structure of uneven-aged silver-fir stands with a growing stock in which large diameter classes initially had an excessive representation. Silvicultural treatments were applied to correct diameter distribution trends towards a regular structure. The initial state of the forest revealed a high density in mature individuals, but no regeneration problems were detected, neither mechanical stability difficulties, in any of the stands. The selective cutting treatments concentrated mainly on trees over the 30-cm diameter class, but all diameter classes were treated. As a result of these silvicultural management actions the polewood layer was released from vertical competition. Yet, stand structure is far from irregular, which precludes to consider these stands in an equilibrium state.


silver-fir; diameter classes; stocking; mechanical stability; regeneration

DOI: 10.5424/srf/2006151-00956