Vol 20, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Establishment of the red gum psyllid parasitoid Abstract PDF
A. Huerta, J. Jaramillo, J.E. Araya 339-347
Alternative sampling methods to estimate structure Abstract PDF
A. Ayari, D. Moya, M.N. Rejeb, A. Ben Mansoura, S. Garchi, J. de las Heras, B. Hanchi 348-360
Simulation of silvicultural scenarios and economic efficiency Abstract PDF
C. Alegria 361-378
Influence of the soil storage method on soil enzymatic activities Abstract PDF
M. Andrés Abellan, C. Wic Baena, F.A. García Morote, M.I. Picazo Cordoba, D. Candel Pérez, M.E. Lucas-Borja 379-388
Challenges for evaluating process-based models of gas exchange Abstract PDF
R. Grote, J. Korhonen, I. Mammarella 389-406
Fine roots of overstory Norway spruce (Picea abies): Abstract PDF
I. Catalin Petritan, B. von Lupke, A. M. Petritan 407-419
Growth and nutrition of Quercus petraea underplanted in artificial Abstract PDF
M. Noack 423-436
Former agriculture impacts on properties of Norway spruce forest Abstract PDF
D. Kacalek, D. Dusek, J. Novak, M. Slodicak, J. Bartos, V. Cernohous, V. Balcar 437-443
Regeneration in multi-species in Serra da Lousã Abstract PDF
A.C. Gonçalves, A. Carvalho Oliveira 444-452
Management of mixed oak-pine forests under climate Abstract PDF
M. Gutsch, P. Lasch, F. Suckow, C. Reyer 453-463
Thinning effects on forest productivity and site characteristics Abstract PDF
J. Novak, M. Slodicak, D. Dusek 464-474
Reversing of seasonal patterns of carbon uptake in an eucalyptus Abstract PDF
G. Pita, A. Rodrigues, J. Mateus, J. Pereira 475-484
Aboveground soil C inputs in the ecotone between Scots pine Abstract PDF
E. Diaz-Pines, A. Rubio, F. Montes 485-495
Growth, soil properties and foliage chemical analysis comparison Abstract PDF
L. Nunes, J. Coutinho, L.F. Nunes, F. Castro Rego, D. Lopes 496-507
Climate change and forest plagues: the case of the pine Abstract PDF
P. Seixas Arnaldo, I. Oliveira, J. Santos, S. Leite 508-515
Microbial biomass and N mineralization in mixed plantations of broadleaves and nitrogen-fixing species Abstract PDF
E. L. Pereira, S.A.P Santos, M. Arrobas, M.S. Patricio 516-524
Changes in the structure and composition of two Pinus nigra subsp. salzmannii forests over a century of different silvicultural treatments Abstract PDF
P.A. Tiscar Oliver, M.E. Lucas-Borja, D. Candel Pérez 525-535
Soil dynamics and carbon stocks 10 years after restoration of degraded land using Atlantic Forest tree species Abstract PDF
L. Jr. Rodrigues Nogueira, J.L. de Moraes Gonçalves, V. Lex Engel, J. Parrotta 536-545

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