Vol 23, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Case studies of the expansion of Acacia dealbata in the valley of the river Miño (Galicia, Spain) Abstract PDF
Antonio Vazquez de la Cueva 3-14
Regional livestock grazing, human demography and fire incidence in the Portuguese landscape Abstract PDF
Filipa Torres-Manso, Paulo Fernandes, Rui Pinto, Hermínio Botelho, Aurora Monzon 15-21
New tools for extracting cork from Quercus suber L.: increasing productivity and reducing damage Abstract PDF
Jesus Beira Davila, Cristina Prades Lopez, Ramon Santiago Beltran 22-35
Estimating the population density of Iberian wild goat Capra pyrenaica and mouflon Ovis aries in a Mediterranean forest environment Abstract PDF
Rita Tinoco Torres, Juan Herrero, Carlos Prada, Alicia Garcia-Serrano, Olatz Fernandez-Arberas, Ricardo Garcia-Post 36-43
Assessment of Soil Protection to Support Forest Planning: an Experience in Southern Italy Abstract PDF
Fabrizio Ferretti, Paolo Cantiani, Isabella De Meo, Alessandro Paletto 44-51
Diameter growth performance of tree functional groups in Puerto Rican secondary tropical forests Abstract PDF
Patricia Adame, Thomas J Brandeis, Maria Uriarte 52-63
Physico-mechanical properties of Spanish juniper wood considering the effect of heartwood formation and the presence of defects and imperfections Abstract PDF
Javier de la Fuente-Leon, Edgar Lafuente-Jimenez, Daphne Hermosilla, Miguel Broto-Cartagena, Antonio Gasco 64-71
White poplar (Populus alba L.) - Litter impact on chemical and biochemical parameters related to nitrogen cycle in contaminated soils Abstract PDF
Paula Madejon, Lisa Ciadamidaro, Francisco Cabrera, Engracia Madejon 72-83
Carbon storage as affected by different site preparation techniques two years after mixed forest stand installation Abstract PDF
Felicia Fonseca, Tomas Figueiredo, Afonso Martins 84-92
A long-scale biodiversity monitoring methodology for Spanish national forest inventory. Application to Álava region Abstract PDF
Iciar Alberdi, Isabel Cañellas, Sonia Condes 93-110
Species richness of vascular plants along the climatic range of the Spanish dehesas at two spatial scales Abstract PDF
Jose M. Garcia del Barrio, Rafael Alonso Ponce, Raquel Benavides, Sonia Roig 111-119
Molecular characterization of Spanish Prunus avium plus trees Abstract PDF
Javier Fernandez-Cruz, Josefa Fernandez-Lopez, Maria Eugenia Miranda-Fontaiña, Raquel Diaz, Gabriel Toval 120-128
Ignition probability of fine dead surface fuels of native Patagonian forests or Argentina Abstract PDF
Lucas O. Bianchi, Guillermo E. Defosse 129-138
Using a segmented logistic model to predict trees to be harvested in forest growth forecasts Abstract PDF
Mathieu Fortin 139-152
Modelling modulus of elasticity of Pinus pinaster Ait. in northwestern Spain with standing tree acoustic measurements, tree, stand and site variables Abstract PDF
Esther Merlo, Juan G. Alvarez, Oscar Santaclara, Guillermo Riesco 153-166

Short Communications

Soil development mediated by traditional practices shape the stand structure of Spanish juniper woodland Abstract PDF
Javier de la Fuente-Leon, Edgar Lafuente-Jimenez, Daphne Hermosilla, Miguel Broto-Cartagena, Antonio Gasco 167-170
Radial variations of wood different properties in Diospyros lotus Abstract PDF
Majid Kiaei, Reza Bakhshi 171-177
Detection of ambrosia beetles using a pan-sharpened image generated from ALOS/AVNIR-2 and ALOS/PRISM imagery Abstract PDF
Rei Sonobe, Hiroshi Tani, Xiufeng Wang 178-182
Forestry solutions for mitigating climate change in China Abstract PDF
Guanglei Gao, Guodong Ding, Yuanyuan Zhao, Yanfeng Bao, Minghan Yu 183-186

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