Vol 23, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Embryogenesis in Oak species. A review Abstract PDF
Aranzazu Gomez-Garay, Jose A. Manzanera, Beatriz Pintos-Lopez 191-198

Research Articles

Relative importance of various regeneration mechanisms in different restoration stages of Quercus variabilis forest after selective logging Abstract PDF
Yaoqin Xue, Wenhui Zhang, Chuang Ma, Liwei Ma, Jianyun Zhou 199-208
Classification of Eucalyptus urograndis hybrids under different water availability based on biometric traits Abstract PDF
Claudia D. Silva, Janiele S. Nascimento, Edimar A. Scarpinati, Rinaldo C. Paula 209-215
Habitat selection of endemic birds in temperate forests in a biodiversity "Hotspot" Abstract PDF
Roberto A. Moreno-García, Ricardo Zamora, Miguel A. Herrera 216-224
Carbon storage in HWP. Accounting for Spanish particleboard and fiberboard Abstract PDF
Genoveva G. Canals-Revilla, Enrique V. Gutierrez-del Olmo, Juan Picos-Martin, Roberto Voces-Gonzalez 225-235
A model for estimating carbon accumulation in cork products Supp. files Abstract PDF
Ana C. Dias, Luís Arroja 236-246
Heathlands, fire and grazing. A palaeoenvironmental view of Las Hurdes (Cáceres, Spain) history during the last 1200 years Abstract PDF
Daniel Abel-Schaad, José A. López-Sáez, Fernando Pulido 247-258
Evaluating the quality of riparian forest vegetation: the Riparian Forest Evaluation (RFV) index Abstract PDF
Fernando Magdaleno, Roberto Martínez 259-272
Role of planting stock size and fertilizing in initial growth performance of rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L.) reforestation in a mountain frost hollow Supp. files Abstract PDF
Ivan Kuneš, Martin Baláš, Daniel Zahradník, Olga Nováková, Josef Gallo, Jarmila Nárovcová, Miles Louis Drury 273-287
Effects of tree-length timber skidding on soil compaction in the skid trail in Hyrcanian forests Supp. files Abstract PDF
Meghdad Jourgholami, Baris Majnounain, Maryam Etehadi Abari 288-293

Resource communications

Resource potential of bamboo, challenges and future directions towards sustainable management and utilization in Ethiopia Supp. files Abstract PDF
Getachew Desalegn, Wubalem Tadesse 294-299

Short Communications

Simulation of Gash Model to Rainfall Interception of Pinus tabulaeformis Abstract PDF
Wenjun Liang 300-303

Truffles: ecology and cultivation

Phytosanitary problems detected in black truffle cultivation. A review Supp. files Abstract PDF
María Martín-Santafé, Victor Pérez-Fortea, Pedro Zuriaga, Juan Barriuso-Vargas 307-316
Black truffle cultivation: a global reality Abstract PDF
Santiago Reyna, Sergi Garcia-Barreda 317-328
Ectomycorrhizal communities above and below ground and truffle productivity in a Tuber aestivum orchard Abstract PDF
Elena Salerni, Maria D'Aguanno, Pamela Leonardi, Claudia Perini 329-338
Preliminary study of the mite community structure in different black truffle producing soils Abstract PDF
Mikel Queralt, María Lourdes Moraza, Ana María De Miguel 339-348
Is truffle brûlé a case of perturbational niche construction? Abstract PDF
Gilberto Bragato 349-356
First identification of the pathogen causing tumor malformations in evergreen oaks in Spain Abstract PDF
María Martín-Santafé, Sergio Sánchez-Durán, Assumpció Batlle-Durany, Amparo Laviña-Gomila, Juan Barriuso-Vargas 357-363
Alkalinity and structure of soils determine the truffle production in the Pyrenean Regions Abstract PDF
Benoit Jaillard, Dominique Barry-Etienne, Carlos Colinas, Ana-Maria De Miguel, Laurent Genola, Aline Libre, Pascal Neveu, Daniel Oliach, Williams Saenz, Mauricio Sáez, Xavier Salducci, Gerard Souche, Pierre Sourzat, Manon Villeneuve 364-377
Empirical or rational truffle cultivation? It is time to choose. Abstract PDF
Gerard Chevalier, Jean C. Pargney 378-384
Quality assessment of truffle-inoculated seedlings in Italy: proposing revised parameters for certification Abstract PDF
Domizia Donnini, Gian M. N. Benucci, Mattia Bencivenga, Leonardo Baciarelli-Falini 385-393
Natural production of Tuber aestivum in central Spain: Pinus spp. versus Quercus spp. brûlés Abstract PDF
Luis G. Garcia-Montero, Domingo Moreno, Vicente J. Monleon, Fernando Arredondo-Ruiz 394-399

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