Vol 24, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Effects of submergence on growth and survival of saplings of three wetland trees differing in adaptive mechanisms for flood tolerance Abstract HTML PDF
Fumiko Iwanaga, Kazuo Tanaka, Ikue Nakazato, Fukuju Yamamoto e001
Accuracy of LiDAR-based tree height estimation and crown recognition in a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in Okinawa, Japan Abstract PDF HTML
Azita Ahmad Zawawi, Masami Shiba, Noor Janatun Naim Jemali e002
The distribution of fine root length density for six artificial afforestation tree species in Loess Plateau of Northwest China Abstract HTML PDF
Shengqi Jian, Chuanyan Zhao, Shumin Fang, Kai Yu e003
Criteria and indicators for sustainable forestry under Mediterranean conditions applicable in Spain at the forest management unit scale Supp. files Abstract PDF HTML
Pablo Valls-Donderis, María C. Vallés, Francisco Galiana e004
Evaluation of Forest Dynamics Focusing on Various Minimum Harvesting Ages in Multi-Purpose Forest Management Planning Abstract PDF HTML
Derya Mumcu Küçüker, Emin Zeki Baskent e005
Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with declined Pinus pinaster stands in Spain Abstract PDF HTML
Gonzalo Álvarez, Mercedes Fernández, Julio J. Diez e006
Species turnover during secondary succession in a laurel forest stand 60 years after clearcutting Abstract PDF HTML
Jose Ramon Arevalo, Jesus Ramon Aboal e007
Input point distribution for regular stem form spline modeling Abstract PDF HTML
Karel Kuželka, Róbert Marušák e008
Point processes statistics of stable isotopes: analysing water uptake patterns in a mixed stand of Aleppo pine and Holm oak Abstract PDF HTML
Carles Comas, Jorge del Castillo, Jordi Voltas, Juan Pedro Ferrio e009
Changes in climate-growth relationships and IADF formation over time of pine species (Pinus halepensis, P. pinaster and P. sylvestris) in Mediterranean environments Abstract PDF
Jorge Olivar, Stella Bogino, Heinrich Spiecker, Felipe Bravo e010
Patterns of shrub diversity and tree regeneration across topographic and stand-structural gradients in a Mediterranean forest Abstract PDF
Pedro Tíscar Oliver e011
Effects of fine root length density and root biomass on soil preferential flow in forest ecosystems Abstract PDF
Yinghu Zhang, Jianzhi Niu, Xinxiao Yu, Weili Zhu, Xiaoqing Du e012
Germination ecology of the endemic Iberian daffodil Narcissus radinganorum (Amaryllidaceae). Dormancy induction by cold stratification or desiccation in late stages of embryo growth Abstract PDF
José Mª Herranz Sanz, Elena Copete Carreño, Miguel Ángel Copete Carreño, Pablo Ferrandis Gotor e013
Effect of climatic change and afforestation on water yield in the Rocky Mountain Area of North China Abstract PDF
Yang Zhao, Ming Xiao Zhang, Hong Wen Cao, Xiao Xin Yu, Bing Liu, Sheng Bi Zhu, Chen Cheng, Lin Xiao Yin, Gang Xie e014
High seed dispersal ability of Pinus canariensis in stands of contrasting density inferred from genotypic data Supp. files Abstract PDF
Unai López de Heredia, Nikos Nanos, Eduardo García-del-Rey, Paula Guzmán, Rosana López, Martin Venturas, Pascual Gil-Muñoz, Luis Gil e015
Seed production and recruitment in primary and harvested Nothofagus pumilio forests: Influence of regional climate and years after cuttings Abstract PDF
Ana D. Torres, Juan M. Cellini, María V. Lencinas, Marcelo D. Barrera, Rosina Soler, Ricardo Diaz-Delgado, Guillermo J. Martínez Pastur e016
Contrasting secondary growth and water use efficiency patterns in native and exotic trees co-occurring in inner Spain riparian forests Supp. files Abstract PDF
Noelia González Muñoz, Juan Carlos Linares, Pilar Castro-Díez, Ute Sass-Klaassen e017

Resource communications

Designing acorn protection for direct seeding of quercus species in high predation areas Abstract PDF
José A. Reque, Eduardo Martin e018
A PCR based method to detect Russula spp. in soil samples and Limodorum abortivum roots in Mediterranean environments Supp. files Abstract PDF
Eduardo Larriba, Antonio Belda, Luis Vicente López-Llorca e019

Short Communications

Short-term and long-term effects of weed control and fertilization on growth and wood anatomy of a Populus deltoides clone Supp. files Abstract PDF
Silvia Estela Monteoliva, María Silvina Villegas†, Fabio Germán Achinelli e020
Climate-influenced ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) seed masting trends in western Montana, USA Abstract PDF
Christopher R Keyes, Rubén Manso González e021

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