Vol 0, No 1 (1991)

Table of Contents

Interaction Provenance-Age in 52 provenances of Pinus pinaster Ait. in Spain Abstract PDF
R. Alia, L. Gil, J. A. Pardos, G. Catalan 11-24
Ecology and management of Quercus coccifera L. shurblands in Spain Abstract PDF
I. Cañellas 25-34
Structure, evolution and yield of Quercus pyrenaica Willd. coppices in Central Spain Abstract PDF
M. Allue, A. San Miguel 35-48
Comparative autoecological study of Pinus nigra Arn. ssp. salzmannii in the Iberian peninsula and other subspecies of the circun.mediterranean region Abstract PDF
P. Regato, R. Elena, O. Sanchez Palomares 49-59
Construction of yield tables based on temporary sample plots Abstract PDF
O. A. Aguirre 61-67
Structure and yield of cork oak (Quercus suber L.) stands in southern Spain Abstract PDF
G. Montero, A. San Miguel, R. Alia 69-74
Elemental cycling in a Eucalyptus globulus plantation of SW Spain Abstract PDF
M. Lopez Arias 75-91
Land Classification of Spain: A Flexible Sclae Multifactor Framework for Forestry Purposes Abstract PDF
R. Elena, G. Tella 93-104
Seed source trials of Eucalyptus grandis in Argentina Abstract PDF
M. A. Marco 111-119
CARDIN: a computer system for the simulation of wildland fire spread Abstract PDF
J. Martinez Millan, S. Vignote, J. Martos, D. Caballero 121-133
Importance of draft animals in timber harvesting practices in developing countries Abstract PDF
W. G. Cordero 135-141
Results in the clonation of Melia Azederach L. and M. toosendan Sieb. et Zucc. resistant to the cold Abstract PDF
W. I. Abedini, G. R. Ciocchini, R. M. Marlats 143-149
Selections of species, origins and provenance of Eucalyptus, resistant to low temperatures in nursery plants for the north of the Salado depression, Buenos Aires province, Argentine Abstract PDF
R. M. Marlats, F. Perez 151-161
Age-DBH-Total Height equations for Pinus oocarpa in Honduras Abstract PDF
O. Ferreira 163-172
Forest Administration under austerity conditions and budgetary constraints: The Mexico's experience Abstract PDF
M. Caballero 173-179
16 Abstract PDF
D. C. Fiorentino, L. Diodato de Medina 181-190
Estimation of aereal productivity in Pinus pinaster plantations in Central Spain Abstract PDF
G. Montero, J. A. Gomez, C. Ortega 191-202
Central American forest ecosystem destruction. Need of actions for its germoplasm conservation Abstract PDF
R. Salazar 203-212
Provenance test of Acacia mangium in Costa Rica Abstract PDF
R. Salazar, F. Mesen 213-216

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