Mitigation of salinity stress in canola plants by sodium nitroprusside application

Saad Farouk, Sally A. Arafa


Salinity is a global issue threatening land productivity and food production. The present study aimed to examine the role of sodium nitroprusside (SNP) on the alleviation of NaCl stress on different parameters of canola (Brassica napus L.) plant growth, yield as well as its physiological and anatomical characteristics. Canola plants were grown under greenhouse conditions in plastic pots and were exposed to 100 mM NaCl. At 50 and 70 days from sown, plants were sprayed with SNP (50 and 100 µM) solutions under normal or salinity condition. Growth and yield characters as well as some biochemical and anatomical changes were investigated under the experimental conditions. Salinity stress caused an extremely vital decline in plant growth and yield components. A significant increase was found in membrane permeability, lipid peroxidation, hydrogen peroxide, sodium, chloride, proline, soluble sugars, ascorbic and phenol in canola plants under salinity stress. Under normal conditions, SNP application significantly increased all studies characters, except sodium, chloride, hydrogen peroxide, lipid peroxidation, membrane permeability that markedly reduced. Application of SNP to salt-affected plants mitigated the injuries of salinity on plant growth, yield, and improved anatomical changes. The present investigation demonstrated that SNP has the potential to alleviate the salinity injurious on canola plants.


antioxidants; Brassica napus L.; osmoprotectants; ultrastructure; yield

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