Plant growth, yield and fruit quality of ‘Lane Late’ navel orange on four citrus rootstocks

P. Legua, R. Bellver, J. Forner, M. A. Forner-Giner


This study analyses the influence of four citrus rootstocks, Citrus macrophylla Wester, Gou Tou Chen (Citrus hybrid), C. volkameriana Ten. & Pasq. and Cleopatra mandarin (C. reshni Hort. ex Tan.), on growth, yield and fruit quality on Lane Late navel orange. Trees were grown in a plot in Alicante (Spain), where the soil is clay loam, with pH 8.5 and electric conductivity in the 1/5 extract: 0.643 mmhos cm–1. Yield was weighed during four harvests, fruit quality was determined in 2007 and 2009. Cleopatra mandarin and Gou Tou Chen were found to be the most invigorating rootstocks for ‘Lane Late’ in heavy and calcareous soil. Trees on C. macrophylla rootstock produced the highest cumulative yield (328.81 kg tree–1), without significant differences compared to trees on Cleopatra mandarin (292.41 kg tree–1). Rootstock significantly affected fruit quality variables. C. macrophylla and C. volkameriana would appear to induce the highest fruit weight and ripening index.


fruit colour; fruit size; juice; organic acids; yield efficiency

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DOI: 10.5424/sjar/20110901-172-10