Identification of bean varieties according to color features using artificial neural network

A. Nasirahmadi, N. Behroozi-Khazaei


A machine vision and a multilayer perceptron artificial neural network (MLP-ANN) were applied to identify bean varieties, based on color features. Ten varieties of beans, which were grown in Iran (Khomein1, KS21108, Khomein2, Sarab1, Khomein3, KS21409, Akhtar2, Sarab2, KS21205, and G11870) were collected. Six color features of the bean and six color features of the spots were extracted and used as input for MLP-ANN classifier. In this study, 1000 data sets were used, 70% for training, 15% for validating and 15% for testing. The results showed that the applied machine vision and neural network were able to classify bean varieties with 100% sensibility and specificity, except with Sarab1 with sensibilities of 100%, 73.3%, 60% for the training, validation and testing processes, respectively and KS21108 with specificities of 100%, 79% and 71%, respectively for the aforementioned processes. Considering total sensibilities of 100%, 97.33%, 96% and also specificities of 100%, 97.9% and 97.1% for training, validation and testing of beans, respectively, the ANN could be used as a effective tool for classification of bean varieties.


classification; Phaseolus vulgaris; image processing; machine vision

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DOI: 10.5424/sjar/2013113-3942