Vibration analysis on driver’s seat of agricultural tractors during tillage tests

Theodoros Gialamas, Ioannis Gravalos, Dimitrios Kateris, Panagiotis Xyradakis, Christos Dimitriadis


The vibration of the driver’s seat of agricultural tractors was investigated during three alternative tillage operations. Three tractors including a range of specifications were considered, at a range of forward speeds. The interactions between the tractors, implements and speeds were examined using the SPSS program and the GLM-ANOVA method. The results analysis indicated that the tractors played the first major role in vibration development in the lateral axis and was followed by the implements. In contrast, the implements played the first major role in the development of vibration in the horizontal axis and are followed by factor tractors. The statistically significant effect in vertical and horizontal axes shows the factor implements. In addition, the statistically significant effect in the vertical and lateral axes shows again the implements to be the most significant factor. Of the implements, the plough shows the highest vibration and displays statistically significant difference in comparison with the other implements.


ergonomics; transport; suspension system; piezoelectric acceleration sensor; implement; GLM-ANOVA test

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DOI: 10.5424/sjar/2016144-9664