Vol 11, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents

Agricultural economics

Growth of citrus production among the Euro-Mediterranean countries: political implications and empirical findings Supp. files Abstract PDF
E. Schimmenti, V. Borsellino, A. Galati 561-577
The effect of consumer innovativeness in the acceptance of a new food product. An application for the coffee market in Spain Supp. files Abstract PDF
R. Barrena-Figueroa, T. Garcia-Lopez-de-Meneses 578-592

Agricultural engineering

The influence of non-living mulch, mechanical and thermal treatments on weed population and yield of rainfed fresh-market tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Supp. files Abstract PDF
M. Fontanelli, M. Raffaelli, L. Martelloni, C. Frasconi, M. Ginanni, A. Peruzzi 593-602
A hybrid genetic algorithm for route optimization in the bale collecting problem Abstract PDF
C. Gracia, B. Diezma-Iglesias, P. Barreiro 603-614
Development of two portable patternators to improve drift control and operator training in the operation of vineyard sprayers Abstract PDF
E. Gil, A. Landers, M. Gallart, J. Llorens 615-625
Estimation of soil coverage of chopped pruning residues in olive orchards by image analysis Abstract PDF
F. Jiménez-Jiménez, G. L. Blanco-Roldán, F. Márquez-García, S. Castro-García, J. Agüera-Vega 626-634
Conceptual design of a chickpea harvesting header Supp. files Abstract PDF
H. Golpira 635-641
Field sprayer for inter and intra-row weed control: performance and labor savings Abstract PDF
J. Carballido, A. Rodríguez-Lizana, J. Agüera, M. Pérez-Ruiz 642-651
Operations planning for agricultural harvesters using ant colony optimization Abstract PDF
A. Bakhtiari, H. Navid, J. Mehri, R. Berruto, D. D. Bochtis 652-660
Energy inputs-yield relationship and sensitivity analysis of pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) production in Markazi Region of Iran Supp. files Abstract PDF
R. Keshavarz Afshar, A. Alipour, M. Hashemi, M. Ansari Jovini, D. Pimentel 661-669
Identification of bean varieties according to color features using artificial neural network Abstract PDF
A. Nasirahmadi, N. Behroozi-Khazaei 670-677
Pressure and specific energy requirements for densification of compost derived from swine solid fraction Abstract PDF
N. Pampuro, A. Facello, E. Cavallo 678-684

Agricultural environment and ecology

Effect of genotype, Cr(III) and Cr(VI) on plant growth and micronutrient status in Silene vulgaris (Moench) Abstract PDF
A. E. Pradas-del-Real, P. García-Gonzalo, R. Alarcón, A. González-Rodríguez, M. C. Lobo, A. Pérez-Sanz 685-694

Animal breeding, genetics and reproduction

Antioxidant effects of bovine serum albumin on kinetics, microscopic and oxidative characters of cryopreserved bull spermatozoa Abstract PDF
I. Ashrafi, H. Kohram, H. Tayefi-Nasrabadi 695-701
Short communication. Mitochondrial DNA diversity of the founder populations of the Asturcón pony Supp. files Abstract PDF
I. Alvarez, I. Fernandez, M. Cuervo, D. Martin, L. Lorenzo, F. Goyache 702-707

Animal health and welfare

Short communication. Presence, quantification and phylogeny of Israeli acute paralysis virus of honeybees in Andalusia (Spain) Abstract PDF
M. Vicente-Rubiano, D. Kukielka, A. I. de las Heras, J. M. Sanchez-Vizcaino 708-713
Short communication. Impact of the amino acid proline on the cold hardiness of honey bee, Apis mellifera L. Abstract PDF
M. Mollaei, S. A. Hoseini, M. Karimi, Z. Hekmat 714-717

Animal production

Effects of main reproductive and health problems on the performance of dairy cows: a review Abstract PDF
N. Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh 718-735
Effect of dietary protein level on retention of nutrients, growth performance, litter composition and NH3 emission using a multi-phase feeding programme in broilers Abstract PDF
F. Hernandez, M. D. Megias, J. Orengo, S. Martinez, M. J. Lopez, J. Madrid 736-746
Conjugated linoleic acid content in milk of Chilean Black Friesian cows under pasture conditions and supplemented with canola seed (Brassica napus) concentrate Abstract PDF
J. P. Avilez Ruiz, G. von Fabeck, F. García-Gómez, M. Alonzo, M. Delgado Pertíñez 747-758
Fatty acid composition of muscle and internal fat depots of organic and conventional Payoya goat kids Abstract PDF
F. De la Vega, J. L. Guzmán, M. Delgado-Pertíñez, L. A. Zarazaga, A. Argüello 759-769
Fatty acid composition of muscle and adipose tissues of organic and conventional Blanca Andaluza suckling kids Abstract PDF
F. De la Vega, J. L. Guzmán, M. Delgado-Pertíñez, L. A. Zarazaga, A. Argüello 770-779
Hindgut fermentation in pigs induced by diets with different sources of starch Abstract PDF
J. Suárez-Belloch, S. Doti, N. Rodríguez-Romero, J. A. Guada, M. Fondevila, M. A. Latorre 780-789
Relationship between udder morphology traits, alveolar and cisternal milk compartments and machine milking performances of dairy camels (Camelus dromedarius) Abstract PDF
M. Ayadi, R. S. Aljumaah, A. Musaad, E. M. Samara, M. M. Abdelrahman, M. A. Alshaikh, S. K. Saleh, B. Faye 790-797
Effect of increasing lysine supply during last third of gestation on reproductive performance of Iberian sows Abstract PDF
F. Gómez-Carballar, L. Lara, R. Nieto, J. F. Aguilera 798-807

Plant breeding, genetics and genetic resources

Sort communication. Genotype × environment interaction analysis in two chickpea RIL populations Supp. files Abstract PDF
J. Carreras, J. Rubio, F. Flores, T. Millan, J. Gil 808-813
Short communication. Efficiency of AFLP markers and seed storage protein electrophoresis to study the phylogeny of some Hordeum species Abstract PDF
H. A. El Rabey, A. L. Al-Malki, K. O. Abulnaja, T. A. Kumosani, J. A. Khan 814-819

Plant production

Simulating improved combinations tillage-rotation under dryland conditions Supp. files Abstract PDF
M. Soldevilla-Martinez, D. Martin-Lammerding, J. L. Tenorio, I. Walter, M. Quemada, J. I. Lizaso 820-832
Effect of different fertilization strategies on nitrogen balance in an outdoor potted crop of Osteospermum ecklonis (DC.) Norl. ‘Purple Red’ under Mediterranean climate conditions Abstract PDF
L. Narvaez, R. Caceres, O. Marfà 833-841

Plant protection

Transcriptome analysis in Ceratitis capitata to unveil genes involved in ageing-maturation process Abstract PDF
V. San Andrés, P. Castañera, B. Sabater Muñoz 842-854