Vol 12, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Agricultural economics

Feed prices and production costs on Spanish dairy farms Abstract PDF
Valero L. Casasnovas-Oliva, Ana M. Aldanondo-Ochoa 291-304
An insight into the influence of packaging and presentation format on consumer purchasing attitudes towards cheese: a qualitative study Abstract PDF
Ali Eldesouky, Francisco Mesias 305-312

Agricultural engineering

Predictive ability of machine learning methods for massive crop yield prediction Abstract PDF
Alberto Gonzalez-Sanchez, Juan Frausto-Solis, Waldo Ojeda-Bustamante 313-328
Mechanized harvesting and primary processing of Calendula officinalis L. inflorescences Abstract PDF
Branislav Veselinov, Dusan Adamovic, Milan Martinov, Miodrag Viskovic, Marko Golub, Savo Bojic 329-337
Microclimate evaluation of a new design of insect-proof screens in a Mediterranean greenhouse Abstract PDF
Alejandro Lopez-Martinez, Diego L. Valera Martínez, Francisco Molina-Aiz, Araceli Peña-Fernandez, Patricia Marín-Membrive 338-352

Agricultural environment and ecology

Soil nematode responses to fertilization with ammonium nitrate after six years of unfertilized apple orchard Abstract PDF
Claudia V. Azpilicueta, M. Cristina Aruani, Eliseo Chaves, Pablo D. Reeb 353-363
GIS-based assessment of land suitability for alfalfa cultivation: a case study in the dry continental steppes of northern China Abstract PDF
Fei Deng, Xiaobing Li, Hong Wang, Meng Zhang, Ruihua Li, Xu Li 364-375
Salinity contamination response to changes in irrigation management. Application of geochemical codes Abstract PDF
Iker Garcia-Garizabal, Maria J. Gimeno, Luis F. Auque, Jesus Causape 376-387

Animal breeding, genetics and reproduction

Genotype by environment interaction for carcass traits and intramuscular fat content in heavy Iberian pigs fattened in two different free-range systems Supp. files Abstract PDF
Juan M. García Casco, María Muñoz Muñoz, Luis Silio López, Carmen Rodríguez Valdovinos 388-395
Metabolic level recognition of progesterone in dairy Holstein cows using probabilistic models Abstract PDF
Ludmila N. Turino, Mariano D. Cristaldi, Rodolfo N. Mariano, Sonia Boimvaser, Daniel E. Scandolo 396-404

Animal health and welfare

Short communication. First field assessment of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki aerial application on the colony performance of Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Abstract PDF
Maria del Mar Leza Salord, Gregori Llado, Ana Belen Petro, Ana Alemany 405-408

Animal production

Influence of feeding system on growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat and fat quality of Avileña-Negra Ibérica calves’ breed Abstract PDF
Argimiro Daza, Ana Isabel Rey, Celia Lopez-Carrasco, Clemente J. Lopez-Bote 409-418
Differential response of Iberian and lean pig crossbreeds to dietary linoleic acid administration Abstract PDF
Beatriz Isabel, Gustavo Cordero, Alvaro Olivares, Argimiro Daza, Clemente J. Lopez-Bote 419-426
A comparative study of fatty acid profiles of fat in commercial Spanish suckling kids and lambs Abstract PDF
Alberto Horcada, Maria del Mar Campo, Oliva Polvillo, Maria Jesus Alcalde, Irene Cilla, Carlos Sañudo 427-435
Linseed, microalgae or fish oil dietary supplementation affects performance and quality characteristics of light lambs Abstract PDF
Jesus de la Fuente-Vazquez, M. Teresa Díaz-Díaz-Chirón, Concepción Pérez-Marcos, Vicente Cañeque, Carlos I. Sánchez-González, Inmaculada Alvarez-Acero, Cesar Fernández-Bermejo, Ana Rivas-Cañedo, Sara Lauzurica 436-447
The effect of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) essential oil on digestibility, ruminal fermentation and blood metabolites of Ghezel sheep fed barley-based diets Abstract PDF
Mohsen Sahraei, Rasoul Pirmohammadi, Sina Payvastegan 448-454
Effects of in ovo injection of conjugated linoleic acid on immune status and blood biochemical factors of broiler chickens Abstract PDF
Mona Azadegan mehr, Ahmad Hassanabadi, Seyed Ali Mirghelenj, Hassan Kermanshahi 455-461
Short communication. Milk yield and composition, dry matter intake and blood parameters of Holstein cows fed ensiled apple pomace co-ensiled with broiler litter Abstract PDF
Osman Azizi, Shahram Karimi, Ghorban Ali Sadeghi, Saman Lashkari 462-466

Plant breeding, genetics and genetic resources

Simulating of Top-Cross system for enhancement of antioxidants in maize grain Abstract PDF
Jelena Vancetovic, Sladjana Zilic, Sofija Bozinovic, Dragana Ignjatovic-Micic 467-476

Plant physiology

Biochemical changes in barberries during adventitious root formation: the role of indole-3-butyric acid and hydrogen peroxide Abstract PDF
Ali Tehranifar, Saeed Mahmoody Tabar, Yahya Selahvarzi, Ahmad Balandary, Mahdiyeh Kharrazi 477-485
Short Communication. Effect of phosphorus nutrition and grain position within maize cob on grain phosphorus accumulation Abstract PDF
Muhamamad Nadeem, Alain Mollier, Alain Vives, Loic Prud´Homme, Sylvie Niollet, Sylvain Pellerin 486-491

Plant production

A comparison of controlled self-pollination and open pollination results based on maize grain quality Supp. files Abstract PDF
Hanna Sulewska, Jozef Adamczyk, Hennryk Cygert, Janusz Rogacki, Grazyna Szymanska, Karolina Smiatacz, Katarzyna Panasiewicz, Kamila Tomaszyk 492-500

Soil science

Effectiveness of inorganic and organic mulching for soil salinity and sodicity control in a grapevine orchard drip-irrigated with moderately saline waters Abstract PDF
Ramón Aragüés, Eva T. Medina, Ignacio Clavería 501-508

Water management

A mathematical model to estimate the volume of grey water of pesticide mixtures Abstract PDF
Lourival Costa Paraiba, Ricardo A. Almeida Pazianotto, Alfredo J. Barreto Luiz, Aline de Holanda Nunes Maia, Claudio Martin Jonsson 509-518
Deep percolation in greenhouse-cultivated celery using the technique of subsurface film strips placement Abstract PDF
Zhida Du, Longtan Shao, Mingchao Ma 519-526