Vol 12, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents

Agricultural economics

Wine consumers’ preferences in Spain: an analysis using the best-worst scaling approach Supp. files Abstract PDF
Tiziana de-Magistris, Azucena Gracia, Luis-Miguel Albisu 529-541
AHP choice in cocoa post-harvest technology for small-scale farmers Abstract PDF
Lenin Vera-Montenegro, Amparo Baviera-Puig, Jose-Maria Garcia-Alvarez-Coque 542-552
Revealing additional preference heterogeneity with an extended random parameter logit model: the case of extra virgin olive oil Supp. files Abstract PDF
Ahmed Yangui, Montserrat Costa-Font, Jose M. Gil 553-567
Valuation and importance of the extrinsic attributes of the product from the firms´ perspective in a Spanish wine protected designation of origin Abstract PDF
M. Mar Garcia-Galan, Alejandro del Moral-Agúndez, Clementina Galera-Casquet 568-579

Agricultural engineering

Impact of water temperature and structural parameters on the hydraulic labyrinth-channel emitter performance Abstract PDF
Ahmed I. Al-Amoud, Mohamed A. Mattar, Mohamed I. Ateia 580-593
Development of models to predict product deposition from coverage obtained on artificial collectors and their practical application Abstract PDF
Cruz Garcerá, Enrique Moltó, Patricia Chueca 594-602
Feasibility of using pyranometers for continuous estimation of ground cover fraction in table grape vineyards Abstract PDF
Antonio Martinez-Cob, Jose M. Faci, Olga Blanco, Eva T. Medina, Kosana Suvočarev 603-610
Reduced tillage for tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) production in East Cuba. Soil physical properties and crop yield Supp. files Abstract PDF
Yosvel E. Olivet, Victor Sanchez-Giron, Jose Luis Hernanz 611-622

Agricultural environment and ecology

Non-systemic fungal endophytes in Carex brevicollis may influence the toxicity of the sedge to livestock Abstract PDF
Rosa M. Canals, Leticia San-Emeterio, Salud Sanchez-Marquez, Igor Ruiz de los Mozos, Pablo Pujol, Iñigo Zabalgogeazcoa 623-632
Natural vegetation management to conserve biodiversity and soil water in olive orchards Supp. files Abstract PDF
Maria P. Simoes, Anabela F. Belo, Carla Pinto-Cruz, Anacleto C. Pinheiro 633-643
Soil fatigue and its specificity towards pepper plants in greenhouses Abstract PDF
M. Mar Guerrero, Pedro Guirao, M. Carmen Martinez-Lluch, Julio C. Tello, Alfredo Lacasa 644-652

Animal breeding, genetics and reproduction

Genetic parameters of live body weight, body measurements, greasy fleece weight, and reproduction traits in Makuie sheep breed Abstract PDF
Shoja Jafari, Ali Hashemi, Reza Darvishzadeh, Ghader Manafiazar 653-663
Use of endometrial cytology and metabolic profiles for selection of embryo donor cows Abstract PDF
F. Ismael Fernandez-Sanchez, Monica Barrio-Lopez, Luis A. Quintela-Arias, Juan J. Becerra-Gonzalez, Ana I. Peña-Martinez, Daniel Martinez-Bello, Pedro J. Garcia-Herradon, Carlos C. Perez-Marín 664-671
Short communication. An association between the G/A single nucleotide polymorphism within intron II of VIP gene and milk performance traits in dairy cattle Abstract PDF
Marek W. Kmiec, Wioleta Grzelak, Anna M. Majewska 672-675

Animal health and welfare

Lack of relationship between Visna/maedi infection and scrapie resistance genetic markers Abstract PDF
Eider Salazar, Eduardo Berriatua, Marta Perez, Belen Marín, Cristina Acín, Inmaculada Martín-Burriel, Ramsés Reina, Damian de Andrés, Beatriz Amorena, Juan José Badiola, Lluís Luján 676-682

Animal production

Effect of gender on growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat and fat quality of calves of Avileña-Negra Ibérica breed fattened under free-range conditions Abstract PDF
Argimiro Daza, Ana I. Rey, Celia Lopez-Carrasco, Clemente J. Lopez-Bote 683-693
Carcass and meat quality traits of Celta heavy pigs. Effect of the inclusion of chestnuts in the finishing diet Abstract PDF
Sara Temperan, Jose M. Lorenzo, Bernardino Dominguez Castiñeiras, Inmaculada Franco, Javier Carballo 694-707
Fatty acid intake and rumen fatty acid composition is affected by pre-grazing herbage mass and daily herbage allowance in Holstein dairy cows Abstract PDF
Rafael A. Palladino, Michael O´Donovan, David A. Kenny 708-716
Fat, meat quality and sensory attributes of Large White × Landrace barrows fed with crude glycerine Abstract PDF
M. Belen Linares, M. Rocío Teruel, Macarena Egea, Carmen M. Villodre, Fuensanta Hernández-Ruipérez, Josefa Madrid, M. Dolores Garrido 717-726
Short communication. Effects of the time to change from incubation to hatching temperature on the artificial incubation of red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa) eggs Abstract PDF
Paloma Gomez-de-Travecedo, Francisco P. Caravaca, Pedro Gonzalez-Redondo 727-731

Plant breeding, genetics and genetic resources

Development of new gene-specific markers associated with salt tolerance for mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) Abstract PDF
Nirmala Sehrawat, Kangila V. Bhat, Akito Kaga, Norihiko Tomooka, Mukesh Yadav, Pawan K. Jaiwal 732-741
Broadening the genetic base of Abyssinian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun) through introgression of genes from related allotetraploid species Abstract PDF
Farooq A. Sheikh, Sashi Banga, Surindar S. Banga 742-752
Saffron (Crocus sativus L.), a monomorphic or polymorphic species? Abstract PDF
Zahra Nemati, Mohsen Mardi, Parastoo Majidian, Mehrshad Zeinalabedini, Seyed M. Pirseyedi, Moheb Bahadori 753-762

Plant physiology

Effectiveness of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the protection of olive plants against oxidative stress induced by drought Abstract PDF
Mohamed O. Fouad, Abdellatif Essahibi, Laila Benhiba, Ahmed Qaddoury 763-771
Vine vigor and cluster uniformity on Vitis vinifera L. seed procyanidin composition in a warm Mediterranean climate Abstract PDF
Maite Edo-Roca, Antoni Sanchez-Ortiz, Montserrat Nadal, Miriam Lampreave, Josep Valls 772-786

Plant protection

Detection and molecular characterization of Polymyxa betae, transmitting agent of sugar beet rhizomania disease, in Iran Abstract PDF
Fatemeh Hassanzadeh Davarani, Saeed Rezaee, Seyed B. Mahmoudi, Peyman Norouzi, Mohammad R. Safarnejad, Hossein Safarpour 787-794
Short communication. A survey of potential insect vectors of the plant pathogenic bacterium Xylella fastidiosa in three regions of Spain Abstract PDF
Joao R. S. Lopes, Blanca B. Landa, Alberto Fereres 795-800

Soil science

Effects of different regimes of fertilization on soil organic matter under conventional tillage Abstract PDF
Zhibin Guo, Keke Hua, Jing Wang, Xisheng Guo, Chuanlong He, Daozhong Wang 801-808
Phosphogypsum amendments and irrigation with acidulated water affect tomato nutrition in reclaimed marsh soils from SW Spain Abstract PDF
Jose M. Quintero, Santiago Enamorado, Jose L. Mas, Jose M. Abril, Oliva Polvillo, Antonio Delgado 809-819

Water management

Surface fertigation: a review, gaps and needs Abstract PDF
Hamed Ebrahimian, Mohammad R. Keshavarz, Enrique Playán 820-837
Assessing the potential of solar energy in pressurized irrigation networks. The case of Bembézar MI irrigation district (Spain) Abstract PDF
M. Teresa Carrillo-Cobo, Emilio Camacho-Poyato, Pilar Montesinos, Juan A. Rodríguez Díaz 838-849
Simulating water distribution patterns for fixed spray plate sprinkler using the ballistic theory Supp. files Abstract PDF
Sofiane Ouazaa, Javier Burguete, M. Pilar Paniagua, Raquel Salvador, Nery Zapata 850-863