Vol 12, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents

In memoriam. Carlos Álvarez-López Abstract PDF
Manuel Marey-Pérez 867

Agricultural economics

Differential quality and technical/managerial advice relationships in Andalusian (Spain) olive oil protected designations of origin Supp. files Abstract PDF
María Laura Cendón, Javier Sanz-Cañada, Delio Lucena-Piquero 869-888
Evaluating the functionality of agricultural systems: social preferences for multifunctional peri-urban agriculture. The “Huerta de Valencia” as case study Supp. files Abstract PDF
Inmaculada Marques-Perez, Baldomero Segura, Concepcion Maroto 889-901
Impact of variation in production traits, inputs costs and product prices on profitability in multi-purpose sheep Supp. files Abstract PDF
Zuzana Krupová, Emil Krupa, Marie Wolfová, Monika Michaličková 902-912
Employing social accounting matrix multipliers to profile the bioeconomy in the EU member states: is there a structural pattern? Supp. files Abstract PDF
George Philippidis, Ana I. Sanjuán, Emanuele Ferrari, Robert M'barek 913-926
The effects of agricultural trade openness on food price transmission in Latin American countries Supp. files Abstract PDF
Insa Flachsbarth, Alberto Garrido 927-940

Agricultural engineering

Soil-blade orientation effect on tillage forces determined by 3D finite element models Abstract PDF
Ayadi Ibrahmi, Hatem Bentaher, Aref Maalej 941-951
Effect of mechanical pruning on the yield and quality of ‘Fortune’ mandarins Supp. files Abstract PDF
Bernardo Martin-Gorriz, Ignacio Porras Castillo, Antonio Torregrosa 952-959
Evaluation of different mechanical fruit harvesting systems and oil quality in very large size olive trees Abstract PDF
Franco Famiani, Daniela Farinelli, Sara Rollo, Salvatore Camposeo, Claudio Di Vaio, Paolo Inglese 960-972
Modeling and design of a combined transverse and axial flow threshing unit for rice harvesters Supp. files Abstract PDF
Zhong Tang, Yaoming Li, Lizhang Xu, Francis Kumi 973-983

Agricultural environment and ecology

A maximum entropy model for predicting wild boar distribution in Spain Supp. files Abstract PDF
Jaime Bosch, Fernando Mardones, Andrés Pérez, Ana de la Torre, María Jesús Muñoz 984-999
The short term influence of aboveground biomass cover crops on C sequestration and β–glucosidase in a vineyard ground under semiarid conditions Abstract PDF
Fernando Peregrina, Eva P. Pérez-Álvarez, Enrique García-Escudero 1000-1007
Biological water contamination in some cattle production fields of Argentina subjected to runoff and erosion Abstract PDF
Celio I. Chagas, Filipe B. Kraemer, Oscar J. Santanatoglia, Marta Paz, Juan Moretton 1008-1017
Soil seed-bank germination patterns in natural pastures under different mineral fertilizer treatments Abstract PDF
Anna Iannucci 1018-1028

Animal breeding, genetics and reproduction

Genetic relationships between six eastern Pyrenean sheep breeds assessed using microsatellites Supp. files Abstract PDF
Ainhoa Ferrando, Félix Goyache, Pere-Miquel Parés, Carlos Carrión, Jordi Miró, Jordi Jordana 1029-1037
Dose-dependent effect of a single GnRHa injection on the spawning of meagre (Argyrosomus regius) broodstock reared in captivity Abstract PDF
Hipolito Fernandez-Palacios, Dominique Schuchardt, Javier Roo, Marisol Izquierdo, Carmen Hernandez-Cruz, Neil Duncan 1038-1048

Animal health and welfare

Latent infections are the most frequent form of paratuberculosis in slaughtered Friesian cattle Supp. files Abstract PDF
Patricia Vazquez, Joseba M. Garrido, Elena Molina, Maria V. Geijo, Nieves Gomez, Valentin Perez, Iker A. Sevilla, Marta Alonso-Hearn, Adoracion Cortes, Ramon A. Juste 1049-1060

Animal production

Evolution of udder morphology, alveolar and cisternal milk compartment during lactation and their relationship with milk yield in Najdi sheep Abstract PDF
Moez Ayadi, Abdelkarim M. Matar, Riyadh S. Aljumaah, Mohammed A. Alshaikh, Mohammed A. Abouheif 1061-1070
Effects of wheat cultivar, metabolizable energy level, and xylanase supplementation to laying hens diet on performance, egg quality traits, and selected blood parameters Abstract PDF
Masoud Mirzaee, Mehran Torki, Mahmood Habibian 1071-1081
An analysis of the composition of gain and growth of primal cuts of Iberian pigs of 10 to 150 kg body weight as affected by the level of feeding and dietary protein concentration Abstract PDF
Rosa Nieto, Luis Lara, Roberto Barea, Rosa García-Valverde, Jose A. Conde-Aguilera, Jose F. Aguilera Sánchez 1082-1093
Short communication. Effects of purslane extract on performance, immunity responses and cecal microbial population of broiler chickens Abstract PDF
Mohammad R. Ghorbani, Mohammad Bojarpour, Mansour Mayahi, Jamal Fayazi, Reza Fatemitabatabaei, Saleh Tabatabaei, Idrus Zulkifli 1094-1098
Short communication. Effect of concentrate supplementation and prolificacy on the productive and economic performance of autochthonous sheep breeds fed forage-based diets Abstract PDF
Raimon Ripoll-Bosch, Margalida Joy, Albina Sanz, Isabel Blasco, Guillermo Ripoll, Javier Álvarez-Rodríguez 1099-1104
Short communication: Effect of the feed presentation form on the intake pattern, productive traits and rumen pH of beef cattle fed high concentrate diets Abstract PDF
Antonio Gimeno, Alberto Dieste, Abdelmuhsen Al Alami, Antonio de Vega, Carlos Castrillo, Manuel Fondevila 1105-1109

Plant breeding, genetics and genetic resources

Characterization of native perennial ryegrasses for persistence in mediterranean rainfed conditions Abstract PDF
Federico Sanna, Antonello Franca, Claudio Porqueddu, Giovanna Piluzza, Giovanni A. Re, Leonardo Sulas, Simonetta Bullitta 1110-1123
Male sterility of triticale lines generated through recombination of triticale and rye maintainers Supp. files Abstract PDF
Tomasz Warzecha, Agnieszka Sutkowska, Halina Góral 1124-1130
Short communication. Employment of molecular markers to develop tetraploid “supermale” asparagus from andromonoecious plants of the landrace ‘Morado de Huétor’ Abstract PDF
Jose J. Regalado, Juan Gil, Patricia Castro, Roberto Moreno, Carlos Lopez-Encina 1131-1136

Plant physiology

Assessment of the viability of using saline reclaimed water in grapefruit in medium to long term Abstract PDF
Cristina Romero-Trigueros, Pedro A. Nortes, Francisco Pedrero, Oussama Mounzer, Juan J. Alarcón, Jose M. Bayona, Emilio Nicolás 1137-1148
From the juvenile to the adult vegetative phase in olive seedlings: the transition along the stem axis Abstract PDF
Laura Casanova, M. Paz Suárez, Victor M. Fernández-Cabanás, Ana M. Morales-Sillero, M. Rocío Jiménez, Pilar Rallo 1149-1157

Plant protection

Identification and antifungal activity of an actinomycete strain against Alternaria spp. Abstract PDF
Fen Gao, Yuanhua Wu, Mengliang Wang 1158-1165
Chemical composition and bio-pesticidal values of essential oil isolated from the seed of Heracleum persicum Desf. ex Fischer (Apiaceae) Abstract PDF
Asgar Ebadollahi, Ebrahim A. Zavieh, Asghar Nazifi, Jalal J. Sendi, Manoochehr Farjaminezhad, Ali Samadzadeh, Pejman Tajmiri 1166-1174

Soil science

Short communication. Growth and nodulation of cowpea after 5 years of consecutive composted tannery sludge amendment Abstract PDF
Ana R. L. Miranda, Luis A. P. L. Nunes, Mara L. J. Oliveira, Wanderley J. Melo, Ademir S. F. Araujo 1175-1179

Water management

Impact of infiltration parameters and Manning roughness on the advance trajectory and irrigation performance for closed-end furrows Abstract PDF
Weibo Nie, Liangjun Fei, Xiaoyi Ma 1180-1191