Vol 8 (2010)

Special issue (S1). Dedicated to cost action 870.

Table of Contents

Introduction Details PDF
Application of mycorrhizae to ornamental horticultural crops:lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum) as a test case Abstract PDF
S. Pivonia, R. Levita, I. Dori, L. Ganot, S. Meir, S. Salim, N. Resnick, S. Wininger, E. Shlomo, H. Koltai 5-10
Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizas on reproductive traits in sexually dimorphic plants: a review Abstract PDF
S. Varga 11-24
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) as bioprotector agents against wilt induced by Verticillium spp. in pepper: a review Abstract PDF
N. Goicoechea, I. Garmendia, M. Sánchez-Díaz, J. Aguirreolea 25-42
Evaluation of some fungicides on mycorrhizal symbiosis between two Glomus species from commercial inocula and Allium porrum L. seedlings Abstract PDF
A. Hernández-Dorrego, J. Mestre-Parés 43-50
The role of the arbuscular mycorrhiza-associated rhizobacteria in the biocontrol of soilborne phytopathogens: a review Abstract PDF
L. Lioussanne 51-61
In vitro interaction studies between Glomus intraradices and Armillaria mellea in vines Abstract PDF
A. Nogales, A. Camprubí, V. Estaún, V. Marfà, C. Calvet 62-68
Coupling autotrophic in vitro plant cultivation system to scanning electron microscope to study plant-fungal interactions Abstract PDF
N. De Jaeger, C. Decock, S. Declerck, I. E. de la Providencia 69-78
Dry matter and root colonization of plants by indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with physical fractions of dry olive mill residue inoculated with saprophytic fungi Abstract PDF
E. Aranda, I. Sampedro, R. Díaz, M. García-Sánchez, J. A. Siles, J. A. Ocampo, I. García-Romera 79-85
Assessment of mycorrhizal colonisation and soil nutrients in unmanaged fire-impacted soils from two target restoration sites Abstract PDF
J. M. Dias, R. S. Oliveira, A. R. Franco, K. Ritz, N. Nunan, P. M. L. Castro 86-95
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with psammophilic vegetation in Mediterranean coastal sand dunes Abstract PDF
A. Camprubí, C. Calvet, P. Cabot, M. Pitet, V. Estaún 96-102
Influence of silver and titanium nanoparticles on arbuscular mycorrhiza colonization and accumulation of radiocaesium in Helianthus annuus Abstract PDF
S. Dubchak, A. Ogar, J. W. Mietelski, K. Turnau 103-108
Effect of chromium contaminated soil on arbuscular mycorrhizal colonisation of roots and metal uptake by Plantago lanceolata Abstract PDF
V. Estaún, A. Cortés, K. Velianos, A. Camprubí, C. Calvet 109-115
Effect of mycorrhiza application on plant growth and nutrient uptake in cucumber production under field conditions Abstract PDF
I. Ortas 116-122
Effect of different plant densities on the diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi community in a long-term maize monocrop system Abstract PDF
Z. Sasvári, K. Posta 123-130
Growth response of maize plants (Zea mays L.) to wheat and lentil pre-cropping and to indigenous mycorrhizae in field soil Abstract PDF
A. Almaca, I. Ortas 131-136
Development of soil quality metrics using mycorrhizal fungi Abstract PDF
J. Baar 137-143
Short Communication. Effect of saline soil parameters on endomycorrhizal colonisation of dominant halophytes in four Hungarian sites Abstract PDF
A. Füzy, B. Biró, T. Tóth 144-148