Just Accepted

VOL 17, Nº 2 (2019)

Valine in diets for juvenile Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus): growth performance, chemical composition, blood parameters and skeletal muscle development
Rômulo B. Rodrigues, Micheli Z. Hassemer, Iury W. A. Melo, Dacley H. Neu, Fábio Bittencourt, Wilson R. Boscolo
The forgotten, ancient olive trees of the Spanish northwest: A first molecular and botanical analysis
Pilar Gago, José L. Santiago, Susana Boso, María C. Martínez
Proteomic changes in the grains of foxtail millet (Setaria italica (L.) Beau) under drought stress
Jing Li, Xia Li, Qinghua Yang, Yan Luo, Xiangwei Gong, Weili Zhang, Yingang Hu, Tianyu Yang, Kongjun Dong, Baili Feng
Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil as an effective antifungal and herbicidal agent
Sofiene Ben Kaab, Iness B. Rebey, Marwa Hanafi, Chadi Berhal, Marie L. Fauconnier, Caroline De Clerck, Riadh Ksouri, Haissam Jijakli
Identification and pathogenicity of Rhizoctonia solani AG-4 causing root rot on chickpea in Turkey
Gurkan Basbagci, Filiz Unal, Ayse Uysal, Fatma S. Dólar
Whole-grain cereal voluntary intake and preference in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
Pedro González-Redondo, Francisco P. Caravaca, Alberto García-Ávarez, Fernando Martínez-Moreno
Foliar application of nitrogenous compounds and elicitors to Tempranillo grapevines: Microbiological implications
Lucía González-Arenzana, Javier Portu, Ana R. Gutiérrez, Pilar Santamaría, Isabel López-Alfaro, Rosa López
Water-bath stunning process in broiler chickens: Effects of voltage and intensity
Martin Novoa, Luis Vázquez, Almudena Lage, Inmaculada González-Torres, Luis F. Pérez-García, Noemi Cobas, Jose M. Lorenzo
Milk yield, periparturient diseases and body condition score as factors affecting the risk of fetal losses in high-yielding Holstein cows
Miguel Mellado, Ulises Macías-Cruz, Leonel Avendaño-Reyes, Francisco G. Véliz, Leticia Gaytán, José E. García, Alvaro F. Rodríguez
Effect of age at first calving and heat stress at parturition on reproductive efficiency and postpartum disorders in Holstein heifers
Miguel Mellado, Vanessa Alba, Leticia Gaytán, José E. García, Jesús Mellado
The influence of family ownership in the profitability of vertically integrated companies. Evidence from the Spanish agri-food industry
José L. Gallizo, Jordi Moreno, Manuel Salvador
Hybridizing consumer behavioural approaches on agrifood markets: Attitudes, judgements and choices
Melania Salazar-Ordóñez, Macario Rodríguez-Entrena
X-ray computerized tomography for characterization of pick-up destruction and pick-up parameter optimization of tomato root lumps
Hanping Mao, Yang Liu, Luhua Han, Baoguo Sheng, Guoxin Ma, Yaxiong Li
Evaluation of poultry manure and goat cheese whey anaerobic co-digestion
Juan L. Ramos-Suárez, Claudia L. Vargas-Avendaño, Javier Mata-González, Ángeles Camacho-Pérez
Dynamic of Brassicogethes aeneus (F.) (Coleoptera, Nitidulidae) populations in Serbia’s downriver Danube section and their susceptibility to insecticides
Predrag Milovanović, Petar Kljajić, Tatjana Popović, Goran Andrić, Marijana Pražić-Golić
Susceptibility of the egg parasitoid Trichogramma achaeae (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) to selected insecticides used in tomato greenhouses
Juan R. Gallego, Jesús Guerrero-Manzano, Francisco J. Fernández-Maldonado, Tomas Cabello
Parameter optimization of winnowing equipment for machine-harvested Lycium barbarum L.
Jian Zhao, Adilet Sugirbay, Fanyi Liu, Yun Chen, Guangrui Hu, Enyu Zhang, Jun Chen
Predicting spring wheat yields based on water use-yield production function in a semi-arid climate
Funian Zhao, Runyuan Wang, Kai Zhang, Jun Lei, Qiang Yu
Effect of artificial sea water and feeding frequency on the larval culture of freshwater Amazonian ornamental fish banded cichlid Heros severus (Heckel, 1840) and angelfish Pterophyllum scalare (Schultze, 1823)
Bruno J. C. F. Eiras, Galileu C. Veras, Adriana X. Alves, Rauquírio M. da Costa
Use of root pruning, paclobutrazol, and prohexadione-Ca combination strategies to control growth and improve productivity on pear trees
Jaume Lordan, Pere Vilardell, Estanis Torres, Simó Alegre, Luis Asin
Effects of Cry toxins on non-target soil bacteria during a 2-year follow up study
Amina Yaqoob, Ahmad A. Shahid, Ibrahim B. Salisu, Saira Azam, Mukhtar Ahmad, Abdul Q. Rao