Just Accepted

VOL 17, Nº 3 (2019)

Effect of warming temperatures on donkey sperm vitrification in 0.5 mL straws in comparison to conventional freezing
Maria Diaz-Jimenez, Jesus Dorado, Cesar Consuegra, Blasa Pereira, Isabel Ortiz, Cristina Vazquez, Evgenia Isachenko, Vladimir Isachenko, Manuel Hidalgo
Film mulching combined with cow manure increases soil C and N
Lixia Zhu, Jutian Chen, Yufang Shen, Shiqing Li
Phylogenetic analysis and spatial distribution of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) in dairy cattle from Galicia (NW Spain)
Carmen Eiras, Manuel Cerviño, Eduardo Yus, Ignacio Arnaiz, Francisco J. Diéguez
Isolation and evaluation of endophytic bacteria from root nodules of Glycine max L. (Merr.) and their potential use as biofertilizers
Arely A. Vargas-Díaz, Ronald Ferrera-Cerrato, Hilda V. Silva-Rojas, Alejandro Alarcón
Assessing the effect of oxidative enzymes and stem anatomy on adventitious rooting of Olea europaea (L.) leafy cuttings
Nikoleta-Kleio Denaxa, Peter A. Roussos, Stavros N. Vemmos, Konstantinos Fasseas
Effects of white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) and tilapia nilotica (Oreochromis niloticus var. Spring) in monoculture and co-culture systems on water quality variables and production in brackish low-salinity water earthen ponds during rainy and dry seasons
Jorge Juarez-Rosales, Jesus T. Ponce-Palafox, Alma D. Román-Gutierrez, Elena M. Otazo-Sánchez, Griselda Pulido-Flores, Sergio G. Castillo-Vargasmachuca
Assessing localization impact on land values: a spatial hedonic study
Natividad Guadalajara, María-Teresa Caballer, Jose M. Osca