The ongoing dispersion of the Eucalyptus bronze bug (Thaumastocoris peregrinus) in Spain

  • Dayanna do Nascimento Machado Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria Brasil.
  • Ervandil Corrêa Costa Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • Clérison Régis Perini Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • Gustavo Andrade Ugalde Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • Mateus Alves Saldanha Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • João Vitor Leitão Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • Tiago Lovato Colpo Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • Jonas André Arnemann Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • Adolfo Cordero Rivera Universidad de Vigo


Aim of study: Thaumastocoris peregrinus (Carpintero & Dellapé, 2006) is notable for its dispersion potential, and for its damage to a wide range of hosts of the genus Eucalyptus. The intense movement of people and cargo between continents contributes to the success of its geographical distribution on the globe and hinders the adoption of preventive measures. The celerity and precision in the identification of T. peregrinus, as well as its invasion and dispersion routes are fundamental for the implementation of measures to prevent new invasions.

Area of Study: Park of Retiro in the community of Madrid, Spain, where T. peregrinus is present.

Material and methods: We analyzed a fragment of COI mtDNA gene in T. peregrinus specimens, using samples collected at a public park in Madrid urban area, to study the possible pathways of incursion of this insect in Spain. The goal was achieved using molecular tools, with PCR amplification of partial mtDNA COI and sequencing the fragment, which is used as a barcode of life for identification at species level. Species identity was confirmed using the database in GenBank.

Results: The results confirms that the specimens found in Madrid are T. peregrinus, and all are from the same maternal lineage.

Research highlights: We present the first molecular information of T. peregrinus population present in Spain, and suggest and discuss possible routes of incursion of this pest.

Keywords: Invasive pest;DNA Barcoding;Invasion Routes; Forest Entomology.


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Author Biographies

Dayanna do Nascimento Machado, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria Brasil.
Departamento de Defesa Fitossanitária
Ervandil Corrêa Costa, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Departamento de Defesa Fitossanitária
Clérison Régis Perini, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Departamento de Defesa Fitossanitária
Gustavo Andrade Ugalde, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Departamento de Defesa Fitossanitária
Mateus Alves Saldanha, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Departamento de Defesa Fitossanitária
João Vitor Leitão, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Departamento de Defesa Fitossanitária
Tiago Lovato Colpo, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Departamento de Defesa Fitossanitária
Jonas André Arnemann, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Departamento de Defesa Fitossanitária
Adolfo Cordero Rivera, Universidad de Vigo

Departamento de Ecología y Biología Animal


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