Pinus canariensis plant regeneration through somatic embryogenesis


Aim of the study: To develop an efficient method to regenerate plants through somatic embryogenesis of an ecologically relevant tree species such as Pinus canariensis.

Area of study: The study was conducted in the research laboratories of Neiker-Tecnalia (Arkaute, Spain).

Material and methods: Green cones of Pinus canariensis from two collection dates were processed and the resulting immature zygotic embryos were cultured on three basal media. The initiated embryogenic tissues were proliferated testing two subculture frequencies, and the obtained embryogenic cell lines were subjected to maturation. Germination of the produced somatic embryos was conducted and acclimatization was carried out in a greenhouse under controlled conditions.

Main results: Actively proliferating embryogenic cell lines were obtained and well-formed somatic embryos that successfully germinated were acclimatized in the greenhouse showing a proper growth.

Research highlights: This is the first report on Pinus canariensis somatic embryogenesis, opening the way for a powerful biotechnological tool for both research purposes and massive vegetative propagation of this species.

Keywords: acclimatization; Canary Island pine; micropropagation; embryogenic tissue; somatic embryo.

Abbreviations used: embryogenic tissue (ET); established cell line (ECL);  somatic embryogenesis (SE); somatic embryos (Se’s).


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Author Biography

Paloma Moncaleán, Department of Forestry Science, NEIKER-Tecnalia, Arkaute.

Forestry Science


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