Height influence on peeling aptitude of Populus wood

  • M. Miranda INIA
Keywords: Populus, peeling aptitude, height of the log, height influence


The present study, developed in the Forest Industries Department of INIA, observes as to whether the peeling aptitude of Populus wood is affected by a factor inherent to the tree, namely, the height of the log. All the samples have been obtained from the same place in order to minimize the influence of site factors. The chosen place is the Duero basin because it is there where the biggest concentration of poplar in Spain exists (46 p. 100). In each tree, a study is made as to whether the said height has any influence, within a seires of fundamental variables, on peeling. In fact, an important influence is found


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MirandaM. (1993). Height influence on peeling aptitude of Populus wood. Forest Systems, 2(2), 237-243. https://doi.org/10.5424/512
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