Biomass accumulation in natural Nothofagus pumilio stands Fireland-Chile

  • J. Caldentey Universidad de Chile
Keywords: Biomass, natural forests, Tierra del Fuego, Lenga, Nothofagus pumilio


The aim of this study was to analize the biomass accumulations in two Lenga (Nothofagus pumilio) natural forests, growing at 250 meters above sea level in Tierra del Fuego-Magallanes, Chile. Allometric equations were developed, based on destructive sampling (91 trees) in order to estimate the biomass. In Stand I, the total biomass was estimated at 447.3 tons dry weight/ha, in Stand II, at 382.4 tdw/ha. No significant differences were noticed throughout the forest development stages. Stems represented 87.4 p. 100 of the biomass (73.6 p. 100 wood and 13.8 p. 100 bark) and crowns 12.6 p. 100 (11.75 p. 100 branches and 0.85 p. 100 leaves).


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CaldenteyJ. (1995). Biomass accumulation in natural Nothofagus pumilio stands Fireland-Chile. Forest Systems, 4(2), 166-175.
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